By Steven G. MehtaSteve Mehta


Previously, I discussed a tool that takes the difficulty out of scheduling dates for a mediation.  That tool was the free computer program  Well, like anything in this competitive world, there is another program that helps you with scheduling.  That program is When is Good

 Both When is Good and Whichdateworks are good programs.  When is good allows for an additional feature of scheduling down to a 15 minute increment.  For mediation, this can be very helpful.  I usually book ½ days or full days starting at 9 or 2.  When is Good allows me to identify just the dates that work for me and then send them to my clients. Whereas, Whichdateworks only allows you to schedule a whole day at a time.  Both interfaces are quite easy to understand and pick up.  One may seem easier to you depending on your taste.

Whenisgood also allows you to access the information in a few minutes and send out your schedule.

Another nice feature of When is Good is its ability to personalize messages that you will send to your invitees.  In your email, you can give explicit instructions if you wish and make reference to the name of the mediation.

Both programs allow you to identify which participants can make which dates.  The following is a demonstration of the results page that identifies the final date. 

when is good results

Unfortunately, unlike whichdateworks, When is Good does not have an automatic way of notifying all the parties of the final date and time.  However, this can be handled by an additional email by your office.

Either way, When Is Good and Which Date Works both make your life immensely easier.