By Steven G. MehtaSteve Mehta

For about a year now, the United Nations has established a special on-call mediation team that is designed to immediately respond to crises around the world at the drop of a hat.  The U.N. mediation team has helped respond to sticky problems all over the globe in their first year – and should do more, according to a top official at the world body.

So far, the Standby Team of Mediation Experts, established last year to help the UN respond more quickly to crises, has been asked to help with the Organization’s peacemaking and preventive diplomacy in nine areas in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, said Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Haile Menkerios.

In some sense the mediation team is like the Navy SEALS of peace.  It is ready to go out and vanquish conflict in an instant.

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