Recently on June 5, the World Directory of ADR Blogs turns Three years old.  Congratulations to the World Directory of ADR Blogs and to its author Diane Levin.   It is so wonderful to have such a resource available to all.  It helps you find blogs and stay connected amongst the ADR world.  It truly is the premier place to find anything ADR.

Diane truly is the expert in blogging.  For any newcomers interested in blogging you might also check her new post on her blog Mediation Channel entitled Just launched a dispute resolution blog? Here are 6 things effective bloggers do.

An additional amazing resource for ADR blogging is Victoria Pynchon.  She has a very informative post about blogging also entitled: Want to appear in my Blogroll?  Negotiating the Blawgosphere.

There are many adr bloggers out there and if you want to blog,  my suggestion for you is as follows:

  1. Be Genuine and authentic.  I have always believed that being genuine in what you do is always valuable.  The same holds true in blogs.  Provide authentic viewpoints.  Don’t think of blogging as “How much business will I get?”  Think of it as an outlet for you to provide information to others.
  2. Plan for the blog for the long haul.  Don’t just think of it as the new fad.  Think of it as a new part of your weekly routine.
  3. Blog about what you love.  You must show passion for your blog and your topic.  If you don’t nobody will read it.
  4. Increase your content.  Good blogs have good content.  Think about reading a current affairs magazine that only publishes one article every 3 weeks.  would you read it?  Well that is also true of a blog.
  5. Don’t just regurgitate information from the web.  Provide feedback, interpretation, and thoughts
  6. Have fun with it.  Don’t blog if you hate it.  Don’t blog if you are obligated to do it.  Do it if you love it.