By Steven G. Mehta


112 Ways To Succeed In Any Negotiation or Mediation

112 Ways To Succeed In Any Negotiation or Mediation

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, 112 Ways to Succeed in Any Negotiation or MediationSecrets From a Professional Mediator.  The book is available now at all booksellers but the official launch date is August 1, 2009.  The book is a culmination of two years work researching social science, literature, and applying the techniques in real world negotiations.

I originally came up with the concept for the book when I researched negotiation books and found very few that provided quick and concise negotiating tips that can be easily digested.  Many of the books I found were lengthy and very theoretical.  112 Ways breaks down the negotiation and mediation process into several sections.  Each section provides you with negotiating advice in a simple easily digestible form.  Each chapter can be read in a few minutes and used in the next mediation or negotiation. 

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