By Steven G. MehtaSteve Mehta

Previously, I wrote Part 1 of 22 ways for a legal and Mediation Professional to use Twitter.  The following is part two of that series.

12. Become A Better Mediator

I can already see that I have become a better mediator because of Twitter.  I have learned about different viewpoints, I have seen current news on mediation, I have been given thoughts on mediator mistakes, and a variety of other things.  Not everything is about monetizing your time.  Sometimes, knowledge for the sake of personal development is a great thing.

13. Become More Connected With The Net Generation Or Millenials

If you want to keep up with the times and remain connected with the Millenial generation, then you need to think about how that generation communicates.  It may come as no new surprise to you, but Millenials love to text.  You might see two teenagers sitting next to each other texting each other.  Like it or not, if you want to understand how that generation communicates, you must play inside their sandbox, and not your own.

14. Real Time News Feed

I am still one to read the newspaper.  But it has become so “yesterday’s lunch.”  Even CNN is too slow to keep up with news.  Sometimes news stories show up on CNN evening news that are hours old.  When the swine flu outbreak occurred, I learned about it from Twitter.  I saw a “trending topic” of swine flu and looked into it.  I learned about the whereabouts of the flu, where it was being reported, and many other facts from twitter.  You can look at “trending topics” on twitter to find out what the hot discussion is of the moment.  For example, today, I learned that the Netherlands upset England in cricket.

15. It Is Short

Twitter is limited 140 characters per message.  So it is short.  You don’t have to agonize over writing a thesis.  Keep it short and interesting.

16. Free Advertising

What is your advertising budget?  I don’t know about you, but when you have the opportunity to have thousands of people learn about your services for free, that’s a pretty good deal.

17. It Will Increase Your Name Brand On Google

Everyone hopes that their name will be high up on google.  Equally important is that you have repeated hits on google.  For example, you don’t just want to be the number one hit on google, you want to be number 1-30.  For example, look my name on google and you will find that I dominate the first 4 pages of google.  Twitter helps because google can sometimes feed directly into your twitter feed.  Your message remains up there in your google branding.

18. Market Research

Want to get a quick survey on something of interest in your topic.   What better way than sending out a quick tweet to your hundred closest followers to find out what their thoughts are on your topic.

19. Promote Your Website Content

Many people worry that no one will know about their website.  If you have fresh new content on your website, you can tweet about it and people can be directed to your site.  There are hundreds of pages that explain how to drive traffic to your site by using twitter.

20. Finding and Researching Employees

You have probably heard of stories where a person got a job from twitter.  You have also heard where a person got fired because of twitter.  If you post that you have a job, there is a good chance that someone in your network could refer another person in their network to you regarding the employment.  In addition, you can research the possible employee by seeing if they are on twitter and what they say.  You’d be surprised to see what shows up.

21. Connect With Clients

More and more people are connected to twitter.  Twitter lets you have a quick and easy way to connect to those clients who follow you and who you follow.  In addition, you can keep up with any problems that the client may have instantly.  If your client tweets about a problem with an employee, you can help immediately with the problem.

22. Connect With Journalists

Many journalists are using twitter as a source of information on topics of interest to them.  In fact, one public relations firm suggested that a pr firm is not doing its job if it isn’t on twitter connecting with the media.

Hopefully these ideas will spark some creative thought process in you.  There are many more benefits to twitter.  We just have to find them.