By Steven G. MehtaSteve Mehta

I am seeing more and more news that talks about Mediation Months.  Obviously as a mediator, I think this is a good trend for the public to gain a further awareness of the mediation process.    Here are just a few groups and organizations celebrating Mediation Month.

FINRA celebrates October 2009 is FINRA Mediation Settlement Month

Offering Significantly Reduced Mediation Costs

Tennessee Governor Proclaims October as Mediation Month.

Oregon Proclaims November as Mediation Month

Michigan proclaimed March 2007 as Mediation Month.

Fauquier County, VA found March, 2008 as Mediation Month

Nebraska celebrates Mediation Month

Kansas charges ahead for Mediation in April 2007

Virginia found March 2007 to be Mediation Month.

I will be even more excited when I can list every State in the Union.  Finally, I think mediation will have made great strides when we can say that all states celebrate the same month every year as mediation month.