By Steven G. Mehta

Many mediators and attorneys are strapped for time in their busy lives.  I find that many times my time is not my own and I can’t schedule plans definitively.  On the other hand, I also find that I sometimes find myself having extra time because a mediation ran short.

Well Blogger Asha Dornfest at My Life Scoop has come up with a great idea to handle those interesting possibilities.  She suggests to create a possibilities calendar.

A possibilities calendar is a calendar category or seperate calendar that you create that has possible things that you can do.  If you find a seminar that you would like to go to…but not too much, put it in your possibilities calendar.  If you have a party that you don’t know if you will make, put it in your possibilities calendar.

As an attorney or a mediator, you can make this possibilities calendar to help increase your efficiency.  For example, if you would like to follow up with a client on a matter, you can place this in your possibilities calendar.  If you find that you have time, you can simply identify the item off your possibilities calendar and make the call.

Just the other day, the concept of the possibilities calendar worked perfectly for me.  I had a mediation that was scheduled to go all day.  On the same day, there was a seminar that I thought might be nice to attend.  The mediation ended early, and then I looked on my possibilities calender and remembered the seminar.  I drove down and was able to attend.

As Ms. Dornfest suggests, you can google calendar or you can create a new category in your existing calendar program.  Or you could — as I have done — created a seperate calendar that is shared with my regular calendar.  Thus, if there is any possible event, it goes on the second possibilities calendar without clogging up my regular normal calendar.