By Steven G. Mehta

The New York Times has reported that former New York Governor has been appointed to mediate the Billion Dollar dispute relating to the Madoff scam.  Here is an excerpt of the article:

A federal judge on Thursday appointed former New York Governor Mario M. Cuomoto try to resolve the $1 billion dispute between the owners of the Mets and the trustee representing victims of Bernard L. Madoff’s financial fraud.

Burton R. Lifland, the United States bankruptcy judge overseeing a lawsuit brought by the trustee against the team’s owners, said the “special issues” in the case require “an appropriately experienced mediator.”

Cuomo, who began his career in public life as a lawyer and mediator 40 years ago, will not be empowered to impose a settlement, but is expected to take steps to cool what has become an angry public fight.

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