By Steven G. Mehta

There is a new book by Guy Kawasaki that I thought would be quite interesting.  It is called Enchantment.

Here is a brief interview with the the Former Apple Executive.

What role does sharing your dream with your potential customers or users play in the success of a company?
The pillars of enchantment are likeability, trustworthiness, and greatness. Greatness refers to the quality of your product, service, idea – in other words, your cause. Sharing your dream is a key part of enchantment for two reasons. First, you can’t assume that people know how great your cause is. You need to share knowledge about it to help people understand it. The world doesn’t beat a path to your door even if you created a better mousetrap.

Second, the goal of enchantment is deep, long-lasting, and delightful engagement. These qualities are not the result of mere transactions. Apple shared the Macintosh dream of empowerment, creativity, and productivity. When you buy a Macintosh, it’s not a sales transaction. It’s embracing a way of life. This is why Apple enchants people and other computer manufacturers “close a sale.”

To read the entire interview from the 99 Percent Solution, click here.

Also, here is a  brief Infographic that summarizes his book: