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By Steven G. Mehta

As many of you know, I am a big proponent of the IPAD.  Last Friday, the L.A. Times did an article on IPAD’s that included some quotes from me.  I thought you might be interested.  Here is an excerpt of the article written by David Sarno:

There was a time when Steve Mehta was on his laptop nonstop. Nowadays, he hardly touches it.

The 43-year-old attorney uses his tablet computer to highlight legal briefs, take notes for court cases or flip though a digital version of the California probate code.

“The laptop is so limited,” Mehta he said as he stood against the wall of a crammed Los Angeles subway car, watching an episode of “Modern Family” on his tablet. “But everything you want to do, this thing does.”

So long, laptop? Not quite. But in just over a year, the tablet era ushered in by Apple Inc.’s iPad has upended the personal computing world.

Manufacturers believe sales of tablets will eclipse those of laptops in the U.S. by next year. Retailers are beginning to set aside more space for tablets, shrinking display room for other computers. Microsoft Corp., whose fortunes are still largely linked to the PC, saw its largest one-day stock drop in two years last week on declining software sales.

As for netbooks, industry executives say those downsized laptops are toast, as consumers opt for tablets instead.

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By Steven G. Mehta

Ever wonder which video conferencing service is the best for your needs. Well the Guide listed below is extremely helpful in trying to analyze the different videoconferencing services.
Video Conferencing And Video Calling Services – Sharewoood Guide

This information was provided by  You can go to the complete discussion by clicking here.

My favorite is Tokbox.  It is free to use, allows up to 20 people to do a videoconference, and connects easily with your facebook friends and contacts.  Here is a brief excerpt of some of the review of the just a few of the other services from

  • Oovoo

    ooVoo is a video-conferencing software available for Windows and Mac. After a quick registration, you are able to communicate with people through text-chat, video-audio conference (up to six people) and also to record video messages. You can also share up to 20 files at once to as many contacts as you want, up to 25 MB per file. Still in beta, it is free to download and use.
  • Adobe Connect Now

    Adobe Connect Now is part of the new of online collaboration tools. This one lets you create online meetings where you can do videoconferencing, VoIP conversations, whiteboard, share files, chat, and share your screen. You can change a person’s role at anytime, and move the activity pods as you wish during the meeting. The service is free to use, as the rest of the suite, after a simple registration.
  • VSee
    VSee is a free videoconferencing and application sharing service, and it allows you to talk with multiple people on your computer. You can remotely edit and annotate documents, share applications and desktops, transfer files, record and share videos, pan, tilt, and zoom remote cameras. Vsee is free to use for an unlimited number of people.
  • SightSpeed
    SightSpeed is a cross-platform videoconferencing system that is light, performing and cheap. You can use it to have video calls with up to 9 people, text-chat with them, share files, record your sessions and send video messages. Free for two people, or $9.95/month for 4 people and unlimited video storage. Also, a new web based version of the program is available.
  • is a video conferencing system, that has just launched a new version of the product. It lets you set up video meetings with up to 10 people, who can all whiteboard, upload PowerPoint presentations, record for one hour anything that happens in the conference and publish it as a video on YouTube. The service is completely free to use.
  • To see the complete list, click below.


    By Steven G. Mehta

    Recently I gave a lecture about social media and suggested that people need to watch what they say because it is being used in legal proceedings.  In fact, we discussed the issue in the seminar whether it is the standard of care to investigate social media in a case.  I also wrote a post about useless comments on Facebook.  So I decided to show some useless posts that have many legal uses and implications.  In other words, posts that are really embarassing that shouldn’t have been put up in the first place.  I thought I would put the post and then some advice along with it.

    Was this person not thinking when she made her boss a friend on facebook and then commented about how bad the job is.  How about the future employer?

    Make sure that you know who you are texting to.  In addition, you have the write to text silently.  anything you text can be used against you.

    I have decided to edit this next one because of language.  However, the gist of it as follows:  Poor Tracy! Overwhelmed with the excitement of getting laid over the weekend, she quickly sent a Facebook message — or what she thought was a message — to the lucky guy who broke her sex drought, not realizing she accidentally updated her status with the racy note. “I must admit,” she wrote, “I haven’t had sex in a while, so getting mounted by such a strong and powerful man was a pleasant surprise after so many long months of abstinence.” About an hour after posting the update, Tracy wrote in a comment beneath the update: “Oh no! Somebody please tell me how to erase this!!! I wrote inside the wrong box! How embarrassing 😦 ” It turns out Tracy mistakenly invited all her friends to “the love-cave-between-my-legs.” Oops! (cited from   Here not only has Tracy identified issues relating to her sex life to the entire world, she has opened the door for her future employers to not hire her because of her unfamiliarity with dealing with social media, and her inability to maintain confidences.  Imagine having this person as an attorney in your office or as a mediator?

    Drew T 5:35 and I just got home and what sucks i was driving home at 5:20and I passed my joband i thought to my self, i have to be back up here in about 4 hours so i can go to work. This hungover is going to be killer.   (Commenatary:  Maybe if the boss finds out about the drinking and hangover, he may not have to go back to work afterall.)

    Autumn G So I’ve decided that my job sucksmy owner is a dick and I’m wayyyyy to good for this place! F*** 88″s.  These last two have completely public facebook pages.  If you don’t believe that there are people with public facebook pages, look at

    Finally, here is a comment from the Herald Tribune regarding Facebook:

    From the Tampa Tribune:

    More than 80 percent of lawyers surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said Facebook is showing up in more divorce cases. Sixty-six percent calledFacebook the unrivaled leader for online divorce evidence, followed by MySpace (15 percent) and Twitter (5 percent).

    By Steven G. Mehta


    After I wrote a post about using the Ipad in mediation, I have had several requests to identify other applications that might be useful for a mediator or attorney.  So today, I thought I would do a brief review of Speedtext HD.

    When I first started writing on Speedtext HD, I loved the way that it wrote text.  First, let me say that this app is not a handwriting to typewriting conversion program.  It is simply a handwritten note taking application.

    The application requires that you write your text in a large text box.  The box is very easy to write words in and then the words written in the large box automatically get smaller and are placed on the line where your cursor is stopped.  The text that is written on the pad is very realistic and is probably one of the best apps for mirroring your natural handwriting as if on paper.

    In addition, you do not have to press any silly buttons or cursors to continue the writing of the text in the box.  After you finish a word or two or three (as much as the box will fill) and you lift your pen/stylus/finger, the program automatically clears the box for new writing and places the original content directly on the page.

    When changing pages, or adding a new page it is as simple as pressing the plus button or pressing the > button on the bottom of the page.  You can then switch to a new page or one of the existing pages.  One nice feature is that each additional page will be automatically created with a date stamp in the menu bar on the left and thus you can track when you took the notes.  You can also switch between pages by simply pressing the small thumbnail of any page on the left side.  This feature is nice for an attorney or mediator who might have to switch between notes throughout a hearing or mediation.

    You can also create a different notepad for different files.  Thus if you want to make sure all notes regarding the Johnson matter are in the same place and in date order this app is a great notetaking app.

    Another nice feature is that you can change the color of the ink to red, green or black and can change the thickness of your pen.  It would be nice if there were more options for both pen size and color.

    Where I have found some difficulties is when I am not writing text, but I might need to annotate an existing note.  For example, when I have already written something, and then want to circle the text later, I cannot do so.  If I want to add a star or asterisk next to a point, it is hard to maneuver to do so because you have to move the cursor to the specific spot that you want the asterisk, and then you have to press a checkmark button which then provides you with approximately 30 different types of asterisks.  I find that most are useless such as a heart, smiley face, music icon, shopping icon, calculator icon, and luggage tag icons.  I use the checkmark, and X sign.

    Another major limitation is that I cannot email the entire notebook to someone.  I have to email each page seperately which can be a real pain if you have taken many pages of notes.

    If it were not for those major limitations, I would probably end up using this program as my primary writing tool.

    Steve’s Book

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