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Elder abuse cases are often very emotional from both sides.  The plaintiffs often express anger at the way their loved one was treated.  In addition, the plaintiffs may feel guilt for placing their loved ones in a facility, guilt for allowing the person to stay in the facility or guilt for not being there at the right time.

On the other hand, the defendants often feel that they are being besieged by inappropriate lawsuits because family members were unwilling or unable to address critical issues involving end of life care.

These countervailing emotions often arise in the context of complex medical issues.

Steve Mehta has substantial experience in the field of elder abuse litigation.  Having litigated numerous elder abuse cases as an attorney, and having lectured and written in this field extensively, Steve is uniquely situated to understand the concerns of all parties during the mediation.  Both sides trust Steve to be a fair and impartial facilitator in these complex emotionally charged cases.

The following are examples of the types of cases mediated:

  • Resident acquires bedsores while in skilled nursing facility
  • Resident develops dehydration while incapacitated
  • Family member steals money from parent for self interested gain
  • Elderly person sustains a fall and fracture of bones resulting in further immobility

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