Published Employment Cases


Employment cases are often very complex and highly charged cases to mediate.  One of the reasons for this complexity is the fact that the law in this area changes significantly from month to month.  Another reason these cases are complex is the varying emotional issues arising from these actions.

For example, people will often define themselves through their jobs.  Many people define their status in society based upon what they do and where they work.  In addition, most people spend more waking time at work with co-workers than they do with their own family.  As such, when they lose their job or something happens at work, such a loss not only affects them financially, but also emotionally.

On the other hand, employers often have conflicting emotions.  Frequently, they don’t think that they did anything wrong.  Many times employers feel that they treated the employee fairly and the employee violated their trust. 

A mediator needs to be able to understand both the complex legal, factual and emotional circumstances.  Mr. Mehta is in a unique position to be able to understand both sides’ concerns because he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of employment disputes.  He brings that knowledge of employment law and compassion to help the parties to effectively resolve their employment dispute.

By way of example, Mr. Mehta has successfully the following types of cases successfully:

  • Sexual harrassment claim against supervisor
  • Wage and hour dispute regarding overtime and meal breaks
  • Wrongful termination dispute involving race and age
  • Disability discrimination claims

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